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Reporters & Editors wanted - 加入我们 E-mail

We're currently looking for some down to earth people who can spare a little time each week to write about anything related to Xi'an, who are eager to share stories, news, insight info and be a part of the most sophisticated and fastest growing Digital Magazine in Xi'an. Whether you're young or old, whether you want to write about the past or present, we'd like to hear from you. You do not have be qualified in Journalism to contribute and you do not need to have experience either. As long as you can put a few words together, that's all that matters. We're not only looking for people who can write for our main website and digital magazine, but we're also looking for people who could contribute towards the digital ND Mag.

1. What kind of work am I expected to do?
We'd just like you to write an article or three each week or each month or each 3 months based on China, Xi'an-topics. whether its about the past or present. If there are times where you're not able to put anything together, don't worry, we won't set Lofty the Lion on you! We don't set any deadlines for you, you manage your own article time yourself!

2. Am I restricted to the kind of stuff I write?
We're not stopping you from voicing your opinions, but please do it in a proactive way, without any strong language, adult related topics, racistic or hard political content.

3. Can I submit stories other than english?
Absolutely! We are multilingual on principle! Any language will be published in its own column. So far we have writers for  the world language Spanish, Chinese, German and even Esperanto. We would like to open up a Japanese, French, Portuguese Column. Do you want to make a start?

4. How much will I get paid?
Becoming an editor for this site is a volunteer-based program at this stage. However, we will compensate our best editors in the near future and sponsor social gatherings. If you're looking for a career in Journalism or Media it will probably look pretty cool in your professional credentials and resume, and you'll have an online portfolio with us.

5. What type of writing skills do I need?
As long as you know how to use a keyboard and write exciting stuff, you're the type of person we're looking for you.

6. Is this opportunity open to anyone?
Yes, whether you're male, female, professional journalist, Expatriate, Local, back alley with wifi access, you're welcome to contribute stories, articles, news. Anything!

7. I want to be an Author for NEW DYNASTY! What do I do next?
Very easy: Send a short note to and go ahead! Or even better: SUBMIT YOUR STORY RIGHT AWAY! CLICK HERE!









当然,答案是肯定的! 无男女之分、无专业与业余之别、更无地域之差,我们欢迎您的加入!



Súmate al primer equipo de web reporteros de NEW DYNASTY! Accede gratuitamente a todas las herramientas para compartir tus experiencias en Xi'an y China. Podrás proponer tus artículos sobre cualquier tema en Xi'an/China y reaccionar sobre todos los comentarios de los miembros de esta revista digital NEW DYNASTY. Fotógrafo, periodista, diseñador, arquitecto, escritor… tienes una nueva idea de rúbrica, quieres hacerte cargo de una sección ? Envianos tu propuesta.

¿Te apasiona Xi'an y/o China? ¿Eres una expatriado y vives y trabajas en Xi'an? ¿ Lo que ves, lo que lees, lo que sientes, aquí en Xi'an y China?

Pues conviértete en uno de los web-redactores de NEW DYNASTY. Redactor principiante o con experiencia todos somos receptores de información. Se trata de difundir la información de manera transversal y no de manera unilateral. Los únicos requisitos del comité editorial de NEW DYNASTY: la calidad, la coherencia y la pertinencia de las propuestas.

Te esperamos!
  1. Cada redactor es responsable de sus escritos.
  2. El comité editorial no modificará el fondo del artículo pero sí se autoriza a corregir erratas e incorrecciones de sintaxis.
  3. El comité de redacción decide en última instancia de la publicación de cada artículo y en su caso de la no publicación, el comité informará al redactor y motivará su decisión.

No se publicarán:

  1. Artículos que carecen de documentación,
  2. Artículos fuera de la actualidad que no aportan nada nuevo,
  3. Artículos cuya información es erónea y/o sus fuentes no son comprobables,
  4. Artículos demasiado cortos o demasiado largos,
  5. Artículos confusos y/o poco precisos.
  6. No se autorizarán artículos de carácter difamatorio, pornográfico, o que haga apología del racismo, de la xenofobia, del sexismo, de la homofobia y asuntos politicos.
  7. Los comentarios pueden ser denegados también por las mismas razones.

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ND TV - Premier Web TV Reports, Interviews, Movies about Expats and Locals in Xi'an/China! This is UNIQUE in Xi'an!

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Watch Great Movies Online - Right here on ND - For Free!

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Xi'an goes digital
To all readers, subscribers, friends: Welcome to Xi'ans most sophisticated, multilingual digital magazine. We are excited to offer you from today on, 15. June 2009, a new and superior kind of publication in Xi'an and a refreshing new concept. Of course, as with any technology-related... Click here to read the full story!

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Skype ND!

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¡XABOO! is a brand new interactive Community Platform for Locals and Expatriates in Xi'an (China).¡XABOO! is an interactive Community Platform for Locals and Expatriates in Xi'an. Click here & register now!

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We have a team that works on the articles presented on ND. Please contact us if  you are interested in helping us out with the creation of articles or researching information in Xi'an. Contact:

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ND has readers from all over the world and in several languages. If you translate one of our articles please let us know so we can add a link at the original article! Your site and name will be posted as well. Thanks!


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