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Special Offers

1. Place an Ad in the digital edition and save 60% for all Online advertisement packages+get up to 3 entries in our Xi'an City guide Directory+get up to 3 entries in our Online Map+individual FREEBIES

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We might add Special offers from time to time. To stay up to date, check back this page from time to time. Anything not stated here is subject to negotiations. Contact us to discuss your personal Ad-package:

Banner Delivery Guidelines

Banner Delivery Guidelines

In order to be able to implement your ads fast and smoothly, please note the following delivery deadlines:

  • 2 working days for image ads
  • 4 working days for RichMedia ads
  • 5 working days for Wallpapers
  • 8 working days for Online TV-Ads

Please include the following information in your email:

  • customer name
  • run-time for each creative ad
  • web site and booking unit 
  • ad file
  • contact person for further enquiries (email and telephone)

Please send this information to Please note the technical specifications required for the respective ads.

For technical innovations or special advertising formats we kindly ask for an early delivery, at least 5 working days in advance. This deadline ensures that we will have enough time for tests and possibly necessary adjustments. The timing may vary individually, therefore please be so kind as to check with us beforehand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or individual proposals:

Video - Online-TV Ads

Video - Online-TV Ads

According to a recent study, online video poses an increasingly rich opportunity for advertisers:

• Online video viewing across all age groups is strong and is becoming mainstream.

• 80% of the respondents recall seeing a video ad and 52% have taken action, incl. 16% making a purchase

• Pre-rolls combined with reminder banner work best

• Spot length of 15 sec is acceptable with the users

Video Advertising - TV-Style 

As a full blooded digital magazine, NEW DYNASTY offers high-end TV-style Ads and Movie productions services. Absolute accuracy, professionalism and an ultra-modern presentation of your brand, corporation, event, service is guaranteed by our European-Chinese team of TV / Media Professionals. Click here to inquire more info and an individual proposal now.

Placement Example without overlay:

Placement Example with overlay:

Placement options

Either run-of-site or within a determined category, such as
Hotels, Real Estate, Xi'an news, People, Columns etc. Top/Special  News are excluded.

Rates and Offers

  • Price Range: 5000-11000 RMB
  • 2 weeks publishing for FREE on NEWDYNASTY.COM.CN
  • Half rate (50% Discount) for a 2 weeks extension
  • Full price applies at the 5th week
  • Special conditions and discounts are possible at all times. Please contact us.
  • Generous Discounts are available at all times for selected custmers. Contact us now to ensure the best package for you:
Depending on length and position; all info and prices stated here are subject to customer discount.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or individual proposals:

Ad Unit Guidelines

Ad Unit Guidelines

Standard advertising formats such as Banner, Skyscraper or Wallpaper for example are still the most popular formats used on the Internet. Not only are they versatile, but also easy to handle. Furthermore, we apply innovative technology to implement individual and creative advertising formats.

  Overview Advertising options: Formats, Specifications and file sizes for NEWDYNASTY.COM.CN

  Max. 942x672
Max. 200x600

Max. 942x250

Max. 200x600
  File size  
   max. 80KB
max. 50KB
max. 40KB
max. 40KB

Content Ad
Individual rates possible!
Images may not be animated in any way.
Length 10-120 Seconds
Delivery in the highest quality for offline use mpeg2, for online use: FLV and SWF.

Exclusive opportunity and unique in Xi'an. Highly individual and tailored to suit your needs.

Max. 350 characters
incl. spaces and URL´s

  File size  
max. 40KB

All sounds used in your banneror flash must be user activated. This has to be marked with "Sound On/Off". No automatically played sound is allowed. All dimensions in pixels.
  Individual Ads

For individual wishes and further questions please contact us at

All info or/and prices stated here are subject to customer discount.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or individual proposals:

Combination Packages

Combination Packages

With these packages, advertisers can benefit from running a campaign simultaneously on several sites within the same topical environment. Various rebates are available when booking a combination package.

The conditions offered are valid for a simultaneous campaign of the same product running on a combination of web sites. The booking will explicitly be regarded as a combination booking, and will be applicable for fixed rate bookings.

Website Advertising Rates

Website Advertising Rates

Specific Content Pages

Reach your target audience through ad placement in our different content areas. Standard skyscraper, banner, button ad sizes, video-ads as mentioned above are available and more:

  • Restaurants
  • Fashion
  • People
  • Hotels
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Medias
  • Real Estate
  • Universities
  • Services
  • Business
Is there a category that you are missing? Tell us about it and we will create one for you, one that fits to your business and service. All of our ad prices are factored with a very simple calculation:

pixel height + pixel depth X rate e.g, an ad that is 230 pixel (W) + 90 pixel (H) = 320 X RMB1.50 (rate) = RMB480.

Premium placement, top of page

The cost for this ad is RMB3 per H + W pixel total. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

Right-column ads, above the fold

Ads, such as those shown at the top of the column to the right and that start less than 340 pixels from the top of the page's live area, are RMB 2.00 per H + W pixel total. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

Right-column ads, below the fold

Ads, such as those shown in the right column with a max. width of 340 pixels are RMB 1.50 per H + W pixel total. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

Feature story with sidebar text links

This type of promotion is only possible when you have a product for which we can run either a feature
story or product review — and this means that you must have a product or service in that we deem
appropriate for our readership. Ads of this type are RMB1.75 per H + W pixel total and must accompany
a printable story.

We seek diversity in our writing styles, so we encourage you to submit a story. If you do not have a
story or the time to write one, we can make a recommendation. Any article published by
NEW DYNASTY, becomes the property of NEW DYNASTY.
Email us if you need any information or have questions.

In-story ads

You may opt for any pixel size up to 581 pixels (W) X 175 pixels (H). Here again, we encourage you to use different and odd sizes as well as odd shapes. Ads of this type are RMB1.50 per H + W pixel total.

Your ad will be placed randomly in newly posted stories at the discretion of the page designer. If you prefer to choose the story placement (not placement within the story), go to the next session. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

Relevant in-story ads

Relevant in-story ads, similar to the in-story ads described above, offer you the added benefit of placing your ad within relevant text. This is not always possible, of course, given the focus of our publication, but when possible, this ad type can provide you an additional boost in interest and search-engine optimization. For each relevant placement, add RMB50. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

Relevant-text ads

A good stand-alone choice, or better yet, in combination with a relevant in-story ad described above, a relevant-text ad provides for maximum search-engine optimization because the text of your ad is relevant to the text of the story.

This relevant-text ad is placed in stories where a reader might be looking for additional training options. The size of this type of ad is limited in its size and incurs a RMB75 surcharge per placement. You may leave the story choices to our discretion, or you may choose your placement. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

Story-span ad

Story-span ads and story-closer ads are our only ad styles for which we dictate the exact width, but you may vary the height. For a two-column page like this one, the ad must pre-determined dimensions. We also have a one-column layout where the width of the ad must be exactly 942 pixels (W) and no more than 200 pixels in height. Keep in mind, should you choose a one-column placement that we do not use the one-column page style often, so placement opportunities will be severely limited. The cost of this ad is RMB3 per pixel depth. Email us if you need any information or have questions.

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32x32 (pixel) Icons: (Displayed at all sections+homepage)

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Digital Magazine Advertising Rates

Digital Magazine Advertising Rates

Full color 1x 3x 6x
Full Page 5000 4500 4050
2/3 Page 4500 4050 3645
1/2 Page 3000 2700 2430
1/3 Page 2500 2250 2025
1/4 Page 1800 1620 1458

B&W 1x 3x 6x
Full Page 4000 3600 3240
2/3 Page 3500 3150 2835
1/2 Page 2000 1800 1620
1/3 Page 1500 1350 1215
1/4 Page 800 720 648

Covers 1x 3x 6x
Front* 10.000 9000 8100
Back* 8000 7200 6480

Included 1x 3x 6x
City Guide Listing FREE FREE FREE
Prices in RMB

A 30 second TV-Style Movie-Ad is included and will be published in a location of your choice within the Issue.


As for all our Advertising solutions: Payment is required in advance. Payment is due 7 days after invoice. Ads may be pulled if account balances are not paid by the due date. As space is limited, banner ads are sold on a first come, first served basis. All advertising is accepted subject to the publisher's approval upon determination that the products or service advertised coincides with ND's philosophy.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further questions or an individual quote:


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Watch Great Movies Online - Right here on ND - For Free!

Watch Great Movies Online - Right here on ND - For Free!

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We're currently looking for some down to earth people who can spare a little time each week to write about anything related to Xi'an and China, who are eager to share stories, news, insight info and be a part of the most sophisticated and fastest growing Digital Magazine in Xi'an. Whether you're young or old, we'd like to hear from you. Click for more info.


Xi'an goes digital
To all readers, subscribers, friends: Welcome to Xi'ans most sophisticated, multilingual digital magazine. We are excited to offer you from today on, 15. June 2009, a new and superior kind of publication in Xi'an and a refreshing new concept. Of course, as with any technology-related... Click here to read the full story!

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Skype ND!

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¡XABOO! is a brand new interactive Community Platform for Locals and Expatriates in Xi'an (China).¡XABOO! is an interactive Community Platform for Locals and Expatriates in Xi'an. Click here & register now!

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