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One of Spain's and Europe's greatest philosopher and writer - Balthasar Gracián († 6. Dezember 1658) - once wrote in his world famous work :"The Art of Wordly Wisdom", Aphorism CI:

La mitad del mundo se está riendo de la otra mitad, y ambas son necias. Según las opiniones, o todo es bueno o todo es malo. Lo que uno sigue el otro lo persigue. Es un necio insufrible el que quiere regularlo todo según su criterio. Las perfecciones no dependen de una sola opinión: los gustos son tantos como los rostros, e igualmente variados. No hay defecto sin afecto. No se debe desconfiar porque no agraden las cosas a algunos, pues no faltarán otros que las aprecien. Ni enorgullezca el aplauso de éstos, pues otros lo condenarán.

La norma de la verdadera satisfacción es la aprobación de los hombres de reputación y que tienen voz y voto en esas materias. No se vive de un solo criterio, ni de una costumbre, ni de un siglo.

English Translation

Everything is good or everything is bad according to the votes they gain. What one pursues another persecutes. He is an in-sufferable ass that would regulate everything according to his ideas. Excellences do not depend on a single man's pleasure. So many men, so many tastes, all different. There is no defect which is not affected by some, nor need we lose heart if things please not some, for others will appreciate them. Nor need their applause turn our head, for there will surely be others to condemn. The real test of praise is the approbation of famous men and of experts in the matter. You should aim to be independent of any one vote, of any one fashion, of any one century.

German translation

Die eine Hälfte der Welt lacht über die andere, und Narren sind Alle. Jedes ist gut, und Jedes ist schlecht; wie es die Stimmen wollen. Was Dieser wünscht, haßt Jener. Ein unerträglicher Narr ist, wer Alles nach seinen Begriffen ordnen will. Nicht von Einem Beifall allein hängen die Vollkommenheiten ab. So viele Sinne als Köpfe, und so verschieden. Es giebt keinen Fehler, der nicht seinen Liebhaber fände: auch dürfen wir nicht den Muth verlieren, wenn unsere Sachen Einigen nicht gefallen; denn Andere werden nicht ausbleiben, die sie zu schätzen wissen: aber auch über den Beifall dieser darf man nicht eitel werden; denn wieder Andere werden sie verwerfen. Die Richtschnur der wahren Zufriedenheit ist der Beifall berühmter Männer und die in dieser Gattung eine Stimme haben. Man lebt nicht von Einer Stimme, noch von Einer Mode, noch von Einem Jahrhundert.

This is beautiful and it fits just so well to certain situations. Btw, Our own philosophy is somehow based on that ;-). Make your own thoughts about it and comment it if you please!

Back to Business:

Pu Wei - The interview on ND TV

Yes, it is on ND TV since a couple of days: PU WEI. It is our most dramatic interview so far. PU WEI is a local from Xi'an and famous throughout Shaanxi and nation wide. He is a man who climbed the Mount Everest this year and the things he saw, the things he experienced on his expedition to the mountain top and on the descent are dramatic and quite shocking far beyond belief.

Click here to watch our ND TV Interview with Pu Wei.

Qinling Safari Park

Our trilingual Editor Noruma wrote an interesting report (this time in english) about her visit to the "Qinling Wild Animal Safari Park" in Xi'an.  No need to fly to Africa for a Safari...It's right here at your door step :-).

Click here to read the full article.

Please note that we publish new unique stories almost on a daily basis.  There is much discover. Let us feed you with RSS or check regularly our FACEBOOK Site or TWITTER to know about all new articles and updates instantly. If you live in Xi'an, it is a MUST to read ND!

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Our Professional Media Services enjoy far more popularity and acceptance than expected in such a short period of ND's existence! Not only in Xi'an but at a growing rate in China and Europe. Therefore we decided to award our present and future customers with FREE advertising on ND. This is a new approach and we will give out more details soon on a detailed page. It is basically that: Book one or all of our services, depending on your needs, and get Advertised for free, according to the volume of the order you place with us. More detailed info soon. For first information and a quote just contact us: Want to know more about our professional Media Services? Click on "Services" on our Website or here:

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We are looking for you (The 2nd)

General Annotiation about Partner Inquiries

We get a lot of partner inquiries. I mean A LOT. From all kind of Media- and Content providers in Xi'an and China. We are very grateful for any interest and inquiry but certain providers do not  fit into our concept and quality understanding. We owe this hard line  to our valued contributors, customers and community. because they are the reason why we invest so much time and work into ND. We cannot accept a partner who has no real useful and old stuff on the magazine/website and shows no sense of innovation whatsoever.

We try very very hard at ND to be a step ahead and to be innovative at all times. Our  ever raising numbers of visitors and readers and their positive feed back shows us that we are on the right way. So please click here to read our very basic guidelines first before sending us your inquiry. We do not bite and will reply to ANY inquiry.

The partners we want are INNOVATIVE, ACTIVE, FAST THINKERS, DETERMINED to provide the best service, to deliver the best product, the most unique view and insight, VISIONAIRES, QUALITY ORIENTED PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALISTS with absolute devotion and identification to what they do and the community they serve. We LOVE partners with crazy ideas because we are the right people to realize them - with you.

Contact us, do not hesitate and be a partner of ND while it aims to grow further and  beyond Xi'an - with YOU:

Our valuable Editor ND has been with us since Monday, 15 June 2009.

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+2 #1 hanso98 2009-09-10 02:56
Great Site...I am impressed.
greetz from a fan in Xian

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