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ND Notes - ND Updates and News
Written by ND
Wow, that was a big break since the last ND Note! That doesn`t mean that nothing happened on ND since the last one. On the absolute contrary as our loyal readership can see every day!

The Chinese spring festival is over since quite a time now. Yup. It is loved and hated at the same time (ah...the noise of fireworks 24h a day...we love it! And those with little kids at home who try to sleep, love it even more.) but it is exciting and interesting at all times!

We hope that you all had a more or less relaxing and exciting spring festival in China! The year of the tiger - the year of changes welcomes you. Here comes a short, fast and painless resume of the past couple of weeks and a small view into the future.


ND supports Xi'ans Expat Music Scene. There are a lot of talented expat musicians in Xi'an and we gave ORDER OF BLUE a great chance to perform in a large event in Xi'an. In cooperation with local TV stations we supported an event at a large new comercial centre in Xi'an. We had a great time and it was transmitted in the local and national TV program. This was a great chance for Order of Blue...


Order of Blue consists of 3 expatriates and 1 talented local musician. Neil Farrel is probably well known to many of you. He is a so called "local expat" and lives and work in Xi'an and is the lead singer.

ND produced a Video about that night. Look out for it on ND TV. It will be published in the next couple of days.

Photography and retouching made by ND Photography Services exclusively for Order of Blue.

ND Movie Night + Music

On 27.12.09 we had our second event for the community in Xi'an. It was great to see a very significant increase of visitors and we especially had the pleasure to have a few of our ND Models there as well with us (Thank you Zhang Qian, Zhang Qian Rui and Guo Jia). Our special guest and VIP was Miranda KO a professional U.S./HK Model who came to Xi'an to visit ND. Thank you all who took part in it and we are sorry for those who could not make it! You really missed something. You will have a third chance! Watch out for the next date.

Miranda Ko

Miranda is a popular Model from the U.S./HK with great model experience on model shows and magazines in USA and HK. We featured Miranda on ND before (Click here) and we will show more of her in the near future. Stay tuned! Please check out ND TV. We produced a report with Miranda who gave a nice live introduction of what Xi'an has to offer.

Click here to watch Miranda's ND TV report

New: Esperanto Column

Regular followers noticed that ND has now a column which is written in Esperanto and reports about life in Xi'an and China. We are a Multi-Lingual Mag and not english only. If you take a look at the most popular languages in the world and at the variety of the expat community in Xi'an, you will know why :-).


Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Its name derives from Doktoro Esperanto, the pseudonym  under which L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, the Unua Libro, in 1887. The word esperanto means "one who hopes" in the language itself. Zamenhof's goal was to create an easy to learn and politically neutral language that would serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding. Esperanto has between 100,000 and 2 million speakers in about 115 countries, and approximately one thousand native speakers, i.e. people who learned Esperanto as one of their native languages from their parents.

Although no country has adopted the language officially, Esperanto did get official recognition by UNESCO in 1954. Today, Esperanto is employed in world travel, correspondence, cultural exchange, conventions, literature, language instruction, television, movies, and radio broadcasting. The first international Esperanto congress was organized in France, Boulogne-sur-Mer, in 1905. Since then international conferences and meetings have been organized around the world with Esperanto every year.  

Esperanto has the five cardinal vowels found in such languages as Spanish, Swahili, and Modern Greek. Although it has strong similarities to Romanic languages such as Spanish and Romanian is in fact a language which contains elements of many more.
Esperanto is by far the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. Speakers are most numerous in Europe and East Asia, especially in urban areas. Esperanto is particularly prevalent in the northern and eastern countries of Europe; in China, Korea, Japan, and Iran  within Asia; in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico in the former colonies of the Spanish Empire called "The Americas" and its former african posessions such as Equatorial Guinea; and even in Togo in Africa.

In Europe, Esperanto is regarded as the future universal language of the European Union and is already being teached to european youngsters as a third language.

To make it short: Esperanto takes elements of all significant world languages and beyond and creates a new one. A real world language for the future.

ND is proud of contributing to the future universal world language with an own unique Column in Xi'an/China with stories and articles related to Xi'an and China. Thanks to ND Author Ian Clark from Nanjing for making the first contribution! Follow his example and submit your story in Esperanto as well!

The Future

ND is undergoing a couple of more or less light structural changes this year. We believe that only continuous changes and permanent movement can keep projects going. We will expand. Only the dead stand still. Watch out for it. We will keep you informed!

The closest friends of ND know that there is a certain "restructuring phase" taken place now. This phase is temporarily and will be finished within this year. It will not affect one of ND's strongest abilities: To provide unique daily updates on its site, the extraordinary love for details and the quality of its content. Also: New ND platforms with fresh ideas are being developed now...


The "mobile city guide", a fully browsable version for iPhones and other mobile devices is currently in a working alpha stage but not yet available to the public. Our Xi'an City Guide is practically a listing-directory of hand picked places + their corresponding Google Map location. We have now hundreds of entries and more are being added on a weekly basis. The city guide is an essential part of "ND Mobile", a fully optimized version of ND for mobile devices which is already operational in a basic version since many months. We will finish the final development very soon, and within 2010. Related news will be emailed to subscribers as well as to all friends on our Facebook Group Page.

Click here to visit ND's Facebook Group

The other potatoes in Xi'an

We know exactly what's happening right now in Xi'an with certain individuals and parties and their "helpers" who try to run similar projects in this city. It is always funny to watch their struggle. We let them live their dreams for now, knowing how hard the reality can hit initiatives here in China with just a finger tip. Comrade potatoes: The truth is far more cruel as you can imagine and the big eye in the skies is watching us all :-D. You do not make us sweat, on the absolute contrary, we are among you and we are very well informed. Cheers.

Whatever happens in the back stage: At the end it will not concern YOU: The expat, the tourist, the local, the common information seeker who wants and needs a platform to get the information he needs in Xi'an/China + a representative platform to express own views to thousands of readers out there. And you know where to get it. And it will be so for the next decades as long as we want it to be.

A call for more contributors

We want more fresh blood. So, if you are an open minded expat or a local with special media- or writing-skills and looking for an uncomplicated possibility to unleash your creativity and ideas in Xi'an and China, contact us right now:

More to come, thanks for your attention. ¡Hasta pronto! :-D

Our valuable Editor ND has been with us since Monday, 15 June 2009.

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+1 #1 Chiggas! 2010-04-21 21:57
man i love this site, it's the coolest platform in the city. you people make a great great job! i love your models..damn..guo jia i love you! when can we meet them? i have seen the other magazine sites here and they are so boring and amateurish, they look like they are be CCP sponsored, even so they are managed by foreigners what a shame. i have met them once and they suck ass! are there plans to print new dynasty?

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