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Xi'an News
Migrant workers given no pay but sticks E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by Jeff Lee (Chinabuzz)
On July 21, 118 migrant workers (mostly from Hubei) were beaten by a group of more than 300 people wielding the wooden clubs in Lintong District (临潼区), Xi’an, after they failed to get back their unpaid wages, and 9 of them were seriously injured. 14 days have passed, not only do they find no support for their life, but also they have to bear the medical care fee. At last, these helpless migrant workers resorted to their hometown media for help.

It was learned these migrant workers mostly are from Hubei. On April 15, they were led by a subcontractor to Xi’an to undertake a bridge project in Lintong that links the railway lines from Baotou (包头) to Xi'an. Reportedly, the project belongs to Baotou-Xi'an Railway Project Department under Xi'an Railway Engineering Company of China Railway Electrification Bureau. But the Project Department side did not sign a contract with the construction side. On June 29 after they completed the project, the Project Department refused to pay the subcontractor and migrant workers.

German Chancellor visits Xi'an E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
German Chancellor Merkel arrived in Xi'an yesterday evening (Friday, 16.07.10) to continue her China visit which started last thursday when she arrived in Beijing following an invitation of China's Premier Wen Jiabao. Merkel will visit China for 4 days.This is Merkel's fourth visit to China as Chancellor.

According to plan, Merkel will further take part in a symposium of german and chinese businessmen in Xi'an. Her first visit to Xi'an will also take her to one of the most known historic sites in China: The ancient terracotta army. Interesting anecdote: Merkel celebrates her 56th birthday in Xi'an today. Furthermore, Merkel will visit BYD's automobile factory. Angela Merkel's visit to Xi'an could increase Germany's chances to become the European site of BYD for the coming generation of electro automobiles. BYD cooperates since quite a time with german automobile producer Daimler to build electric cars.

Collecting Tolls in Xi'an E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by Fauna
On 22. June Xi'an was scorched by hot temperatures. On North Street in Xian City, a female “toll collector” shuttled amongst the car traffic, stopping the cars here to collect tolls. Maybe because it was too hot, this female “toll collector” only wore her bra, and was called “the most niu toll collector”.

Many car owners have encountered “toll collectors” collecting money. Yesterday, this journalist personally experienced being stopped by a “toll collector” collecting toll, and in comparison to those “toll collectors” previously encountered, this one “toll collector”, whether in terms of dress or attitude, is apparently even more extraordinary. Yesterday the ancient city of Xian was scorched by hot temperatures. On North Street in Xian City, a female “toll collector” shuttled amongst the car traffic, stopping the cars here to collect tolls. Maybe because it was too hot, this female “toll collector” only wore her bra, and was called “the most niu toll collector”.

Old Man for Sale E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
An aged man was seen a short while ago selling himself near the Dongguan Baxian An (That's the Temple of the "Eight Immortals", 八仙庵) in Xi'an. He walked around the area with 2 selfmade cardboards attached to his body. The cardboard on his back reads “I am selling myself, for only 20,000 Yuan. My skills: Singing, dancing, looking after the house (housekeeping), cleaning the yard, washing and cooking. I am Cheap! And much better than a dog. Who wants to buy me?”

And on the front cardboard he wrote: “Something happened in my family. An aged man is looking for urgent help! What terrible fate could have occurred to this man that he sees no other way out of his misery? Perhaps we will never know it. Dozens of people were turning around when the man passed by but so far noone seems to be able to help yet and the aged man is still making his rounds. Older people in such economical emergencies can be seen more often now in Xi'an, than it was the case a couple of years ago. Hopefully, it is not the beginning of a new trend.

Street Kissing Contest E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
On 29. May, Xi'an witnessed an unusual contest: A street kissing challenge, organised by a creative merchant in the city centre. This city never stops to surprise us, isn't it? Around 10 couples took part in this event and they tried hard to find the most exotic kissing position ever witnessed in the East Asia Region. The reward? 888 RMB in hard cash! While the couples tried one suicidal position after another, we sighted spontaneous pairings between girls and boys who never saw each other before.

Even a male couple took part in the competition. Don Juan would be stunned! Was this supposed to evolve to a city wide kissing orgy? Was this getting out of control? Happily not! Just moments before the crowd got ecstatic, the winner was announced: A guy and a girl who never saw each other before and who decided to go on a kissing spree on-the-spot. The local guy said, that his girlfriend was not with him, so he asked a girl in the crowd to take part. "I did it only for the money. I shared some of the prize with the girl" he said. Good man. Well, let's hope that his girlfriend has the same practical attitude towards it...

BYD leads the way E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
BYD’s expanded from a nobody car maker and battery maker to one of the biggest names in the automotive industry in China in a relatively short time, they’ve put together an impressive team of sales staff within their Shenzhen based headquarters who are eager to oversee BYD’s expansion into becoming one of the worlds largest automakers.

BYD  are planning to up their sales from around 400,000 units in 2009 to over 800,000 units in 2010. A new factory in Xi’an is ment to push their goals with an additional capacity of 400,000 units per year. BYD got into the car business by buying out state owned Qinchuan auto company which was facing bankruptcy at the time, their current Xi’an factory is unable to keep with demand as it only has a production capacity of 200,000 vehicles and thus a second factory will be constructed.

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