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Xi'an News
Engl. agency designs Fair E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
An architectural bureau and design agency from England, "Plasma Studio" has been commissioned to design the International Horticultural Fair in Xi’an, China. Construction started just now in September 2009. The project, titled "Flowing Gardens", was generated as a synthesis of horticulture and technology where landscape and architecture converge at a sustainable and integral vision. The proposal comprises of a 5000 square meters exhibition hall, a 4000 square meters greenhouse and a 3500 square meters gate building sitting in a 37 HA landscape. The fair will open in 2011, receiving approximately 200,000 visitors a day. The design team includes "Arup" (structural and civil engineering) and "Groundlab" (landscape design). The design team is headed by Jorge Ayala, Mehran Gharleghi, Evan Greenberg and Hossein Kachabi. Construction has already begun for this massive project.

The master plan functions as a woven network of landscape, circulation and architecture. ‘The conceptual master plan is strikingly similar to an estuary. The circulation flow begins as a single stream, and then broadens, branching out to form the borders of garden spaces … the flowy circulation heavily influenced the buildings in the conceptual phase,’ stated Olivia Chen, a designer for Plasma Studio.

Record holiday sales E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
Chinas retail industry achieved a record turnover of 83 milliard dollars during national holidays this October. The chinese board of trade announced on last friday, 9. October 2008, that the retail industry sold consumer goods amounting to 570 milliard RMB's (approx. 83 milliard U.S. Dollars)  during the national holidays. This is an increase of 18% compared to same period in 2008.

Especially home appliances were a hit during those 8 days of national festivities: HD-Flatscreen TV's, digital cameras, refrigerators and 3G-mobile phones were the favorites of consumers. KAIYUAN Mall in Xi'an achieved an increase in sales of 34,7% compared to 2008 in the home appliances sector.

Jewelry and cars were sold like warm bread as well. In the CAISHIKOU department store in Beijing for instance, jewelry was sold amounting to 100 million Yuan, 30% more than last year. In Chongqing, car sellers achieved 71,7% more sales than 2008.

XAC grabs FACC E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
New majority owner of austrian manufacturer of airplane components FACC is XAC (Xi'an Aircraft Industry Group Company Ltd.) with 91,25%. The agreement was signed today on 3. October in Beijing, as announced by FACC on its website. 5% of the enterprise stays with ACC, an associated company of FACC and 3.75% stays under the control of austrian "Stephan GmbH". The transaction is to be sealed after official chinese governmental permission before the end of the year.

After the "take over" the capital is to be increased by XAC of at present 40 million euros to at least 80 million euros. With the capital increase the future business development of FACC is to be secured, according to the agreement with XAC. In 2008/2009 FACC had a turnover of 264,2 million Euros and 1580 employees.

So far, the FACC belonged to the Austrian "SALINEN AG" (48.125%), to "ACC Cooperations & Holdings" (48,125 %) and to "Stephan GmbH" (3.75% share).

BYD's future plans E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
The chinese car manufacturer BYD (BYD stands for "Build Your Dream") wants to become the world's largest producer of automobiles until 2025 and even leave Toyota behind.

This information was wired by the state owned "China Daily" who refers to statements of a top-manager of BYD. The ambitious goals are based on a solid financial situation and on a strong position in the battery market. (Note: BYD is from of the biggest battery producers in China and world wide).

Last year, BYD produced 193,000 cars, that made BYD the 33. largest automobile manufacturer world wide. The market leader Toyota produced 9,24 million automobiles. An interesting fact is, that BYD got a prospecting cash injection from U.S. millionaire Warren Buffet, who besides, owns 10% of BYD since last fall (for $230 millions).

H1N1 alert in Xi'an E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
Two universities with over 10.000 students each, closed their gates after dozens of cases of the so called swine flu were disvovered. On Tuesday, the Xian University of Arts and Sciences confirmed 59 cases of H1N1 and in the Xidian University 22 cases were reported on last tuesday as well. This information was wired nationwide by the China News Service.

The administration of the Xidian University for instance, has announced that they will suspend the classes as long as 7 days after the last known discovered H1N1 case. The universities have divided their campuses into two striclty seperated parts. One part is a quarantine zone. All students outside this zone can move freely inside the campus but they are not allowed to leave it or the university campus in general. Furthermore, non-authorised visitors are not allowed to enter the campus.

German Expat in Prison E-mail
News - Xi'an News
Written by ND
A drunk german car driver caused an accident in Xi'an (Yanta District) last week and was condemned to 15 days in prison, said a high ranking police officer to ND. The man is the first foreigner who, since the beginning of the country wide campaign "Don't drink and drive" - initiated last month - got into the hands of the police. According to the police report, the man is 38 years old and has an EU driving licence. He had to pay a fine of 1500 RMB.

Liu Yang, a commanding police officer of the Xi'an police in the Yanta District, said to ND that the german embassy asked him to not publish the identity of the german expat.

"Cases like these where foreigners are involved must be reported to the corresponding embassy of the foreign national. The german embassy asked us to keep the identity of the man confidential and not to announce it to the media. So, we must and have to respect that of course", said Liu.

Furthermore he said, that the man drove with an illegal driving licence (EU-Licence). In China it is required to have a chinese driving licence.

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