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Practical Tips
Top 75 books for learning Chinese E-mail
City Life - Practical Tips
Written by ChinaOnSite
Mandarin Chinese isn't a very complex language, in real life, if you have Chinese-speaking friends then you can practise with them or there are a numerous online Mandarin schools exist for helping improve your Chinese. But the most important is that you need to be practiced daily with your Chinese learning books, it is the most convenient way to learn Chinese.

First, you may think that Chinese is difficult to learn, but once you try to understand it, you will embrace it and it will be now easy for you to cope up with it. There are plenty of books and multi-media materials for learning Mandarin Chinese. You can find out what is the best for becoming your Mandarin Chinese learning resources. The following are some top selling books for studying and learning Chinese language in Amazon.

Mao's Revenge E-mail
City Life - Practical Tips
Written by Daemon Borek
If you're North American you have heard the stories of Montezuma's revenge. Horrible stories of visiting Central and South America and getting a stomach bug that side-lines you from travel for days at a time while you pray to any God who will listen to make your body stop exorcising the demons of last night's supper.

It’s a common story for all traveler’s to share around a hostel bar table and can usually bring about a series of one-ups that clears out a table faster than a guy expressing his heartbreak at a Super Bowl party. And in this vein of naming the stomach bug based on a region’s leaders, I would like to present “Mao’s Revenge” for common use for those of us floating around this great land. Mao Zedong was not the biggest fan of foreigners, albeit with good reason, and would probably not be super impressed with the increasing amount of us here in China.

Learn Standard Chinese E-mail
City Life - Practical Tips
Written by ND
We discovered a great free resource to learn standard chinese and dozens of other languages as well. And we want to share it with you: "Standard Chinese: A Modular Approach", provided by the Foreign Service Institute. This institute teaches foreign languages to U.S. diplomats, military- and embassy personnel abroad. These courses were developed by the U.S. government and are in the public domain now. FSI says:

"This course is designed to give a practical command of spoken Standard Chinese. Nine situational modules form the core of the course. Each core module consists of tapes, a student textbook, and a workbook. In addition to the core modules, there is a resource module and eight optional modules". The amount of materials for Mandarin is excellent and will keep you busy for many days - if not weeks. The content comes as .PDF files. That makes it easy to use the materials and lessons on every platform (Iphone, Mobile PSP, iPad, Linux, Windows, OSX...).

Finding Work in China II E-mail
City Life - Practical Tips
Written by David A. Dayton
Here’s what I’ve been telling people about starting a business here. First, you have to really understand what China means for you. China is not competitive in commodities. China is not competitive in small qtty’s. China is not a billion people just waiting for (enter-your-brand-here) because it’s a poor country that only wants something (other than money) from the West. While there are certainly culturally specific rules about working (successfully) here, the laws of business, in particular the rules of due diligence, still apply in China.

To be honest, China is probably a waste of time/money for many small companies when costs, mistakes and shipping are figured in. Really. Unless you know what you’re doing here, China will kill your bottom line and production quality.

My desert-island... E-mail
City Life - Practical Tips
Written by Noruma Mueller
All-time, top five most memorable chinese words / expressions are: 1. Bu hao yisi. As my colleagues in Xi'an tried to explain me the meaning of "Bu hao yisi" I found this is a quite funny expression. My friend said: Look it is quite simple! Imagine you are in the bus and you and another person are standing.

Suddenly one seat becomes free. So you could be nice and offer the seat to the other person standing. Or you could run and take it four you. So if you go and seat in the last free seat you should say “bu hao Yisi” to the other person. Because actually it was not so nice of you! And you are seating while she is still standing! I asked, If I just take the seat and say nothing, it is bad! But if I say “bu hao yisi”, then it is ok? Yes, exactly! So if there is only one piece of cake in the fridge and I don't want to share it with my husband, I just eat it and tell him “bu hao yisi”?!  ;)

Finding work in China E-mail
City Life - Practical Tips
Written by David A. Dayton
I’ve had 4 people call me about working with SRI or information about new jobs elsewhere, two people talked with me about starting their own companies and a couple others talk with me about networking for other work options. I also met in the airport a new couple just moving over to SZ for new jobs. After the first couple of guys called, I realized that I should be collecting the ideas that I was sharing for a future post. Here is what I have been telling people about finding work here. First, if you want to work in China, you need to be in China.

I’ve heard that finding a new job is a full time job in and of itself.  I agree.  And how effective is working in China from the US or Europe?  Less effective, right.  So if you’re looking for work here you need to be here.

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