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Fantasy Club Xi'an E-mail
City Life - Nightlife
Written by Mapo Doufu
Nightclub "Fantasy" in Xi'an from a manly, slightly drunken point of view. When entering Fantasy it seems like a regular nightclub. Of course the first thing to do is to get something to drink. That’s when you first start wondering that what this place is. Bartenders play with bottles like true professionals where a slightly drunken tourist can just stare mouth open wide and admire. But after the short period of admiration reality hits hard.

You see the drink list and notice that prices are ten times higher than in a local supermarket. You panic and an order a beer. It’s 35 Yuan. You try to bargain but of course it’s useless, just shut up and pay your beer. After being ripped off for a beer you try to find a place to sit. Well that’s not going to work out either is it? The tables seem to be full every time. The tables where older Chinese guys are laughing with several young women and drinking whisky makes you smile and wonder. But it’s better not to say anything. I guess it’s a win-win situation. Okay, you couldn’t find any place to sit so you have to go for the plan B. Hit the dance floor.

Stumbling in Xi'an E-mail
City Life - Nightlife
Written by Daemon Borek
“I’m Doug Stanhope and that’s why I drink.". If you have ever watched Charlie Brooker’s “Newswipe” you will be familiar with the statement above. If not, you get the general idea. Sometimes the reason to drink can be as simple or complicated as all that utterance entails. And in celebration of the hapless liquor pigs around the world, let’s do a little something about boozing it up Xi’an style.

I’ll start off with the normal options and slowly move into the less traditional and infinitely more interesting ones. There are a plethora of options available in Xi’an when alcohol is involved and I truly feel sorry for people in Xi’an who don’t drink. Drinking is a time honored tradition in Western culture and thankfully heavy boozing in Xi’an is not like England in the 1800’s.

Xi’an Underground Notes E-mail
City Life - Nightlife
Written by Daemon Borek
Sometimes we like to think of the past in a deluded nostalgic way that just takes the good and conveniently leaves out the bad. My memories of my 7+ years in Xi’an are inevitably littered with omissions and thought of in the way an American sees a Norman Rockwell Christmas poster. But I do have one glaring exception to this rule and that is in the music scene that once thrived here and threatens to have a stunning re-birth.

After living in Xi’an for about 4 months in the spring of 2004 my friends and I stumbled across some concert posters on the top floor of the Bai Hui market in Xiaozhai. Being an avid music fan, due mostly to having no musical talent, I convinced the others to start attending these shows with me. They jumped at the idea and whether we were went to a show on Bar Street (DeFuChang) or one in a condemned roller skating rink in an alley outside XiGongDa, the concerts never disappointed.

1+1 Club E-mail
City Life - Nightlife
Written by ND
When you enter the door of this popular club a standard security check awaits you. That is quite normal here for this kind of clubs and should be seen as a positive measure that increases safety. You should make sure that you are dressed "in style", although for foreign guests this rule is not always fully applied. After the "airport like" security check and body scans the atmosphere in the 1+1 will surely impress you.  

The music has a strong but not incovenient volume level and it is powerful and inspiring. Full of energy and most of the songs are in english. We would like to see spanish, french, german, russian or other songs and hits in a different language. It would be something different and reflect real internationalism!

The DJs (especially Dj Elemance is to be mentioned here; check out a big poster of him on the entrance of 1+1 these days!) are top performers. If you ever pass by Xi'an, pay a visit to 1+1. It is worth it! The drink list is very extensive and it offers drinks for all tastes. Naturally for a place like this, the prices aren't cheap. They can be compared to hotel bar prices, so be prepared for it.

Ryan and Marcello E-mail
City Life - Nightlife
Written by ND
On 3. September 2009 a nice and cosy event took place at OSCAR's Bar and ND was there for you. Marcello Gil and Ryan Peters 2 friendly expats and artists in Xi'an were showing a glimpse of their great musical skills.

Marcello and Ryan are true insider tips of the expat music scene and one of the premier expat artists in Xi'an. Ryan is a gifted singer from South africa, Marcello is a passionate and skilled guitarist from Venezuela. They perform as a Duo and indeed they harmonize greatly together.

Ryan's selection of songs was a perfect mix. He properly got the audience on his side, gained some respect and admiration from the listeners and definitely gained some new fans in the process.

After their performance, Ryan and Marcello sat down with their old and new fans and friends. It was a little neat gig with a great atmosphere and audience of expats and locals.

Nightlife Popularity Charts Print E-mail
City Life - Nightlife
Written by ND
Xi'an is a city with a long past and in the process of finding a new direction between the old way of life and the brightness of the modern world but the most striking contrast between the two is the nightlife in Xi'an. The places people can dance, sing and drink are often right next door to ancient buildings and temples, further highlighting the contrast.

As with any other place, the liveliest place is the city centre providing entertainment for locals, expats and tourists alike. Below ND's suggestions and observations of what is particularly popular in Xi'an among friends and night life or shopping activities. Pubs & Bars are essential parts of a city's nightlife and the Chinese really know how to throw a party, both the younger and elder generations.


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