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Green Molly PDF Print E-mail
Written by Angelo Gil
Green Molly: A category apart. Green Molly is one of Xian’s newest and best locations. The location is an exquisitely decorated combination of a restaurant at ground level and a pub downstairs. In the restaurant you can indulge in the tastes of home, whether that be in the US, Europe and even Mexico.

Green Molly owns only the second authentic pizza oven in Xi’an. This makes for a real authentic pizza that can always be customized to your specific taste. The wide range of moderately prices dishes will truly leave you with a taste of home. Downstairs a truly astonishing experience awaits you. The first and only REAL PUB in Xi’an has a wide selection of beverages ranging from imported Beers, to wine and delicious cocktails. Come enjoy a real drink in an atmosphere that stays true to a PUB.

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 April 2010 08:42
Ian Clark PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Clark
Ian Clark also known as "Tao Yiran" is a true insider and not be taken as an usual common expat. He's been in this country for a decade. He has mastered Mandarin so extraordinarily well that he now works as a successful English-Chinese translator. Besides, he is a passionated musician and artist as well. He has published his first book in China "I Ain't No Foreigner" which is an original work written entirely in Chinese.

It was published nationwide in China and officially began distribution in March 2008 [first printing sold out November 23rd 2008] and was introduced on CCTV and in other national media as well. Several appearances in Chinese media such as documentaries about him underline the interest in his views and feature his direct and honest opinions.
Last Updated on Sunday, 03 November 2013 13:26
Europäische Strasse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Noruma Mueller
Dieses Jahr sind wir für die „Golden Week“ in China geblieben. Und wie viele andere sind auch wir verreist. Unser Ziel war Qingdao, die Stadt aus der das beliebte Tsingtao Bier kommt.

Qingdao ist nicht nur für seine Bierbrauerei bekannt, sondern auch für sein europäisches Flair. Vom Fernsehturm hat man eine schöne Aussicht über die Stadt, und es ist erstaunlich! Die eine einsame Pagode am Horizont wirkt etwas deplaziert zwischen den roten Dachziegeln und Bauten deutscher Architektur. Eine der Attraktionen Qingdaos ist natürlich das Meer. Die Küste ist besonders fotogen. Ebenfalls ganz oben auf der Liste der Sehenswürdigkeiten findet man die St. Michaelskirche und die protestantische Kirche. Um zur St. Michaelskirche zu gelangen muss man eine kopfsteingepflasterte Strasse hoch laufen, die mit einem großen Schild wirbt: European Style Street. In der Tat, wenn man am Platz vor der Kirche steht ist man von Gebäuden umgeben, die an eine deutsche Altstadt erinnern. Aber China wäre nicht so interessant, wenn nicht alles irgendwie anders wäre. Selbst die Kirchen sind anders hierzulande. Die Kirche in der „europäischen Straße“ zum Beispiel ist nicht für den Gottesdienst da.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 November 2009 16:58
Wo Li y Kaifeng PDF Print E-mail
Written by Antonio Broto
Una de las pinturas tradicionales chinas más fascinantes, y quizá la más famosa del arte pictórico chino, es El Festival Qingming junto al Río, una obra con un curioso formato ultraalargado (sólo tiene 24 centímetros de altura pero tiene más de cinco metros de longitud) en la que se muestra una escena festiva en la China tradicional.

El cuadro es una especie de Donde Está Wally pintado en el siglo XII, una escena en la que más de 800 chinos de toda condición juegan, pasean, hacen acrobacias, transportan cosas... Todo el mundo está afanado en celebrar el Qingming (equivalente chino a la fiesta occidental de Todos los Santos). La escena se desarrolla en la ciudad de Kaifeng, que entonces era capital del imperio chino. Por eso cuando se va uno de turismo a Kaifeng, se comprueba que en todas las tiendas de souvenirs venden versiones reducidas del famoso cuadro, enrolladas en cilindros de madera o de plástico para que uno las pueda transportar con mayor comodidad.

Last Updated on Thursday, 01 October 2009 02:49
Prince Restaurant PDF Print E-mail
Written by Prince Group
Prince Restaurant Xian ChinaXi'an Prince Restaurant is located at the 4-5th Floor of Prince Building, No.5 of Fen Road, South Street of Xi'an City. Its total area is 10,429.12 square meters and its business area is about 8,000 square meters.

The Xi'an Prince Restaurant opened on December 28th, 2002. It has totally 58 differently styled luxurious rooms, and owns about 800 seats. Its design is simple but luxurious, plain but elegant. The sense of space, the sense of art and the sense of beauty, which were grasped properly by the designers during the decoration, constitute the pure-art atmosphere, which builds its own style in Xi'an. Its food, which condenses the art essence of Chinese traditional food and absorbs the creative element of Cantonese food, has tried its best to create the highest food culture with "color, fragrance, flavor, shape and implement". Whenever you are in the restaurant, the extending and complaisant service will make you enjoy the respect and honour like a noble.

Last Updated on Friday, 15 April 2011 04:40
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