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Written by Noruma Mueller
The GeMing Park in Xi'an has more to offer than big green trees and cultural performances: "Look there!" Klaus said excited. "Three people on that little motorbike!" We only laughed... that is nothing, we have seen four or five people on one! "Have you seen? They carry a little baby! And none of them wears a helmet!"

“And over there! That guy is sleeping lying on his motorbike! How does he manage?”

“And the dog crossed the street! Did you see it? I thought I was going to see it die! It went until the white line, watched, waited and went until the next line and then to the other side. Incredible!”. On the Bell tower we spent a long time watching the traffic. “It is an amazing roundabout!” Klaus said.

All the things which became normal to me, while living in Xi'an... I remember I also felt thrilled in the beginning, I wanted to have my camera with me all the time to capture all those things which I only can see here. Thanks to Klaus' visit, his first time to come to China, I was able to feel again like I felt in the first days. We wanted to show Xi'an to Klaus but we noticed very soon that we know only little about it. Only one thing seems to be sure, no matter how long you are living here, this place will surprise me again and again.

We took Klaus to the GeMing park, one of my favorite parks and places in Xi'an. This big park is a nice place if you want to be surrounded by big green trees and also a nice place to see people singing, dancing and playing together.

Xi'ans Marriage Market

„What are these people doing here?“ he asked me when we saw a lot of older people in a quiet corner of the park. “It seems like they are offering something” I said. They were sitting with sheets of paper on the ground in front of them, and those sheets had some information. We tried to decipher the information in the sheets and after walking around and looking more carefully we noticed that all of them had similar content. Gender, Name, Age, Size, and some other information. “Woman, 31 years old, 1.60 m” I read aloud. And the next sheet was about a Man, 30 years old, 1.70m …

“I think this mothers are looking for a partner for their daughters and sons”. “Really? Are you sure? Had you seen that before?” No, it was the first time for us to be in the middle of this partner market run by mothers and fathers.

Later we saw some “professionals”. They were selling folders with data of many “candidates”. They were labeled: 妞 28 – 30 岁 : women, 28 to 31 years old. Or Men, 30 to 34 years old. And so on. For only 3 to 5 yuan you could become the owner of that valuable information.

Later on Klaus asked: Do the children know what their parents are doing here? Hm... that is a good question. I also would love to know!


The GeMing park 革命公园 is located in the Xiwu road 西五路:

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