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Written by Alex Absar
Local people's leisure life in Xing Qing Park: Xi'an is the most historical and culture city of China similar to Kyoto to Japan and the best way to have the exposure to the City people's lesiure life is the parks around here. Xing Qing Park is the biggest and most beautiful among the all. Vistors were required to pay 5-10RMB for entrance before but it's been free for almost one and half year. The park is prefectly made for the recreational activities for all aged people.

There is a beautiful lake right in the middle of the park where you can go boarting and make a lap around it as a recreational walk. I'm sure your eyes won't miss some of the cultural leisure activities if you walk around the lake in summer  such as painting potery, drawing pictures, flying kites and so on. The park gets a great acceptance from the retired people here. There are several places in the park where the retired people sing the traditional Qin opera. They are professional at playing different kinds of Chinese musical instruments to compose the music of Qin opera.

Xing Qing Park is the only park in Xi'an where you can also see cherry and tulip blossom. the park looks incredibly beautiful then. If you go around the park you'll also find an amusement park at one of the corners with all sort of exicting games.

This is the perfect place for cultural exchange and practising your Chinese with the local people if you are a Mandarin learner.

There are are two gets in this park but the main one is located right accross from the north gate of Jiao tong University. You can easily get there by No. 7 bus from Bell tower or by No. 45, 351, 402, 410, 512, 607, 800, 910.


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