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Prince Restaurant Xian ChinaXi'an Prince Restaurant is located at the 4-5th Floor of Prince Building, No.5 of Fen Road, South Street of Xi'an City. Its total area is 10,429.12 square meters and its business area is about 8,000 square meters.

The Xi'an Prince Restaurant opened on December 28th, 2002. It has totally 58 differently styled luxurious rooms, and owns about 800 seats. Its design is simple but luxurious, plain but elegant. The sense of space, the sense of art and the sense of beauty, which were grasped properly by the designers during the decoration, constitute the pure-art atmosphere, which builds its own style in Xi'an. Its food, which condenses the art essence of Chinese traditional food and absorbs the creative element of Cantonese food, has tried its best to create the highest food culture with "color, fragrance, flavor, shape and implement". Whenever you are in the restaurant, the extending and complaisant service will make you enjoy the respect and honour like a noble.

Ever since founding, it has successfully set up its own brand in Xi'an catering trade and has been famous around the ancient city for its comfortable and elegant environment, upscale facilities, extraordinary qualities, best products as well as its thoughtful and complaisant service. Xi'an Prince Restaurant is the ideal place for business activity, party and dinner.

Contact & Reservation

Phone: (+86) 29-87282888 / 87289898
Fax: (+86) 29-87263239
E-mail: Xi'an-fenxiang@prince-catering.com


4-5 Floor, Prince Building
Fen Road, Xi'an

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