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Wu Hongfei & The
Wu Hongfei & The "Happy Avenue" Band
15.10.2010 20.00 h - 23.00 h
Aperture Club Bar - Xi'an
JuhuaYuan Rd. / Dong da Jie (西安市碑林区东大街菊花园饮马池)
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Happy Avenue (幸福大街 in Chinese; pinyin: Xìng Fú Dà Jiē or Xìngfú Dàjiē; sometimes translated as Lucky Road) is a Chinese rock band based in Beijing, China, founded in September 1999.

Wu Hongfei (b. 1975), Happy Avenue's vocalist and leader, is a graduate of Beijing's prestigious
Tsinghua University, with bachelor's degrees in environmental engineering and the editing of scientific books, and an M.A. degree in modern Chinese literature (although she primarily studied Western literature).

Also the group's only female member, she has the distinction of being China's best known female rock singer. Originally from Sanjiang, in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi and a member of the Dong ethnic minority, Wu is also a magazine journalist and a published novelist. Her lyrics range from lighthearted, absurdist vignettes (like "The Orange Who Wished to Be an Apple") to darker and more melancholy meditations on subjects such as death, alienation, and longing. "Daughter" deals with the issues surrounding unwed motherhood. Some other songs feature literary subject matter; "The Fish Who Loved Xiaolong" tells the story of a mermaid who gives up her tail in order that she might be able to leave the sea and marry a human.

The group's music is eclectic, and generally unclassifiable by genre, though occasionally somewhat reminiscent of such avant-garde groups as Talking Heads. Songs range from quirky, upbeat, and sardonic ("Daughter") to somber and brooding ("May"), the latter style leading some reviewers to describe the group's music as gothic. About the group, Wu says, "We never, ever let 'common taste' influence our music. We do what we like."

The group's melodies are catchy, with Wu's often pentatonic vocal melodies showing the influence of Chinese folk singing (leading the band to be described by some as a folk rock act). In some songs Wu's expansive melodies extend to the highest register of her voice in a manner reminiscent of opera, while others are rather lullaby-like ("Knife").

The group's albums often utilize vocal overdubbing to create an angelic choral effect. In a few songs ("Daughter") Wu sings in a more unorthodox manner, using abrupt sliding tones, whispering, and even screaming, displaying a wide range of emotions. Her often consciously edgy vocals, thus, contrast considerably with those of the sweeter and more formulaic styles of Mandopop and Cantopop singers such as Faye Wong or Teresa Teng. Click here for more info about "Happy Avenue".


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Aperture Club Bar
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JuhuaYuan Rd. / Dong da Jie (西安市碑林区东大街菊花园饮马池)

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