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"The Three Legends" Puppet Play
29.10.2010 - 31.10.2010 
People's Theatre - Xi'an
Bei Da Jie 59 - 陕西省西安市新城区北大街59号
Theatre Play


In former times, a puppet show was one of the most popular entertaining art forms among ordinary people. Such shows were usually staged on occasions like sacrificial rituals and festive banquets, adding color to people's life. But a revival has long been initiated. Shaanxi Performing Arts Group and an American co-production of a large-scale shadow puppet play, "The Three Legends from China," will open on Oct. 28 in Xi'an People's Theatre for 5 performances. The show is a narrative drama, performed entirely by 150 puppets in three different styles. Since continuous showing in 2005 through 2006 in Seattle, Washington, New York’s Broadway, Vienna and other international cities, the show has never had an empty seat.

Puppet Play in China

Called "marionette show" in ancient China, a puppet show is a theatre performance in which puppet figures are made to move by puppeteers pulling strings or by putting their hands inside them.

In China, the origin of puppets dates back to the Shang Dynasty, when the custom of burying slaves alive with their deceased masters was practiced. Of the 3,000 funeral objects excavated from the Yin Ruins in Anyang City, there are pottery figurines of slaves with cangues. In the Warring States Period, there appeared entertaining figurines used in story-telling and singing performances as props. And such art forms became popular. After the Han Dynasty, a puppet show gradually developed into a folk art combining opera, literature, sculpture and painting that appealed to both humans and divinities.

Ticket Prices

60 RMB, 120 RMB, 280 RMB, 380 RMB and 580 RMB

Performance Schedule

29. October: 19:30
30. October: 14:00 and 19:30
31. October: 19:30


Phone: 029 87217413


People's Theatre
People's Theatre
Bei Da Jie 59 - 陕西省西安市新城区北大街59号

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